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Future trends of the valve industry

In the development of the domestic valve industry has several decades of history, from the most simple to the most useful valve valve innovation, combined with the years of experience, constantly improving the valve, the valve industry has experienced many hardships and glory. While the current domestic valve industry has existed for many deficiencies, but still advancing toward the bright side Overall.

The future of the valve industry will move towards the development of a single species to multiple varieties specifications and saving two directions. During this time, the valve standard has also been a new integration. At present, the development of the valve industry is relatively stable, but the industry still unhealthy competition. As part of the operator through the transformation of waste valve refurbishment, a second time after the sale to reinvent renovation project quality to bring a very serious security risk, a serious disruption of the valve market order and seriousness.

With the continuous improvement of valve technology, valves continue to broaden the use of the field, the corresponding valve standards are increasingly indispensable. Valve industry products has entered a period of innovation, not only the product categories need to replace the root of a new, internal management also needs to deepen the reform in accordance with industry standards.

Therefore, we need to make full use of existing standards, the future, can be applied in the future developed new standards and a new system, in order to advance the development of a higher level of valve technology.

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