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Classification of water diverters

1. From the point of view of function and structure, the water collector can be divided into three types: basic type, standard type and functional type.

Basic type: It is composed of water distribution main pipe and catchment main pipe. Ball valves are installed at each branch outlet of the main catchment pipe, and manual exhaust valves are installed on the main catchment pipe respectively. The basic water divider does not have the function of flow regulation.

Standard type: The structure of the standard type water collector is the same as the basic type, except that the ball valves on each main pipe are replaced by flow regulating valves. Replace the manual exhaust valve on the two main pipes with the automatic exhaust valve. Standard water diverter can precisely regulate the flow of each loop, and even luxury standard water diverter can realize artificial intelligence regulation.

Functional type: besides all functions of standard type water collector, functional water collector also has functions of temperature, pressure display, flow automatic regulation, automatic mixing heat exchange, heat energy metering, indoor zone temperature automatic control, wireless and remote control. At present, the wireless temperature controller supplied on the market, or the imported brand of remote control, is SAS816FHL-O/RF wireless ground heating temperature controller of Senwell Company, but this temperature controller is not programmable.

In order to prevent corrosion, water collectors are usually made of corrosion-resistant metal or synthetic materials. Commonly used materials are copper, stainless steel, copper nickel plating, alloy nickel plating, high temperature plastic, etc. The inner and outer surfaces of water collectors (including connectors) should be smooth and clean, and there should be no cracks, sand holes, cold isolation, slag inclusion, uneven concave and convex defects. The surface of the electroplated connectors should be uniform in color, solid in coating and no defects of stripping.

2. From the aspect of design performance, it can be divided into Korean version water collector and European version water collector.

Due to different usage habits and design concepts, Korean floor heating is usually relatively simple, and Korean floor heating does not require room temperature control and time-division work, so its water divider does not need to undertake too many functional requirements, and its products are relatively simple. Comparatively characteristic is that there are two baffles on both sides and the support frame of two main pipes. Usually, butterfly-shaped manual valves control the opening and breaking of branch pipes, manual exhaust, simple structure, wall-mounted installation. Korean water divider is simple in structure, simple in function, low in intelligence and low in cost. We call it Korean water divider.

European brand water distributors are more elaborate in workmanship and perfect in function. They can not only adjust the flow, but also meet the extension of many other functions. They are more intelligent and humanized. The European water divider is characterized by fixed brackets on the upper and lower trunk pipes, and easy installation of thermoelectric actuators for room temperature control after manual valve cap removal of branch pipes. Each branch of high-grade has a visual flowmeter, which can fine-tune the loop flow, and has a temperature meter, pressure gauge, ball valve, automatic exhaust valve and so on. Equipped with special water divider box, embedded wall installation. European water divider has complex structure, powerful function, high intelligence and high cost. We call it European water divider.

With the application and popularization of floor heating in some high-grade residential buildings in the north and the gradual development of heating in the south, European intelligent water dividers have begun to be more widely used.

The Korean version water divider has been widely used in the popularized geothermal and engineering projects in the northern region because of its simplicity and low cost.

European version water divider is mainly used in some high-end projects and independent heating system in southern region because of its intelligence and high cost.

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