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Water separator

The water distributor consists of a water distributor and a water collector. The water distributor is connected to the water supply pipe of the network system. Its main function is to distribute the hot water from the network system to the indoor rooms requiring floor heating through the ground heating pipe buried under the floor. When hot water flows in the heating pipe, it transfers heat to the floor, and then radiates heat to the indoor through the floor. The other end of the ground heating pipe is connected with the catchment pipe of the water collector. After indoor heat dissipation, the return water with lower temperature returns to the pipe network system through the catchment pipe to complete a cycle.

Due to the influence of hydraulic characteristics, the length of geothermal heating pipe should be limited to a certain range. Therefore, the area covered by a loop is limited. For this reason, the realization of heating in a region should be realized through multiple loops, and the device of distributing and collecting heat media for these loops is the water collector, so people usually call the water diverter the "hydro-junction" in the geothermal system.

Water divider is the foundation of water and ground heating system. Almost all devices and devices in the system depend on water divider to realize and extend their functions.

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