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Innovation and development trend of pneumatic control valve

Pneumatic valve industry in China has come a huge competition, the future trend is the focus of pneumatic control valve business and customer concern. Advanced in the market to become an important topic.

At present, China's valve enterprises to adhere to innovation, the product structure adjustment, the transformation of traditional products to high-end valve march. Require large-scale enterprises must take the lead in this effort, for the current domestic third valve products purchased abroad, and gradually won over, to enhance domestic level and competitiveness of pneumatic control valve valve industry, and small businesses, one go professional production, do a factory in a product, doing fine and stronger efforts to improve management, improve technology and equipment, improve product quality and taste and competitiveness.

In the modern factory automation, and plays an important role in regulating valve, the plant's production depends on the correct allocation and control the flow of liquids and gases. These control whether energy exchange, or simply reduce the feed pressure of the container, are required to complete some of the final control element. Final control elements can be considered automatic control 'physical'.

Between the energy regulator low energy level functionality and execution of the order flow of the fluid control required to complete the final control elements necessary power amplification.

First, the use of electric control valve is driven electric energy, convenient, reliable, and adequate resources, and second pneumatic control valve in all respects be subject to certain limitations, because the use of pneumatic control valve when the air supply so than in the installation electric control valve complex, the experts made a detailed analysis pointed out the advantages of the electric control valve is actually very clear, pneumatic control valve in the market competitiveness is still very large, and in two hundred years is not going to be eliminated, and pneumatic control valve on the promotion and performance of a variety of materials, there are a lot of space, especially in the development of performance, installation, high efficiency and energy saving efforts and sensitivity of the valve, the real in the pneumatic valve pneumatic actuator the work on the big play and the level of production efficiency.

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